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Launch Swap

Coming soon is MintySwap’s new cross dex swapping platform that allows users to exchange Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or even POLY (MATIC) based crypto currencies. MintySwap’s coin exchange makes it easy for coins to list and market towards all chains with easy coin purchasing, swapping, and selling!


Cross Chain Compatibility

One of the most well loved and utilised blockchain technologies in the entire world. Ethereum offers some of the best tools for a decentralized monetary system and boasts coins such as USD//C, MANA and our very own MintySwap.

The Binance Smart Chain protocol allows for a wider range of smart contracts that hosts a variety of unique and innovative coins from DOGE to PancakeSwap’s own coin CAKE.

Polygon/MATIC is an exceptional platform & cryptocurrency that offers a wide range of compatibility tools for the Ethereum blockchain along with offering a pleathora of different coins.

Cross Chain Dex

Cross Chain Compatibility | MintySwap

Other Swapping Platform Problems

Low Transaction Fee with Mintys Tokens | MintySwap

High Transaction Fees

Trading cross-chain can be costly for any trader. MintySwap only charges a 0.03% fee for transactions meaning that you get to keep more of what you earn.

Our Cross Dex Exchange Gives Your Everything You Need in One Place | MintySwap

Time Consuming

Trying to swap tokens across chains can be such a drain on time and resources. MintySwap’s cross dex exchange gives you everything you need in one place to swap tokens cross chain.

Making Cross Chain Swapping as Easy as Possible | MintySwap

Too Technical

MintySwap cuts through the nonsense to make cross chain swapping as easy and straightfoward as possible and removes all the jargon and confusion.

NFT Launch Swap Solution | MintySwap

MintySwap Solution

Our $MINTYS token will help to lower fees across all chains. By holding $MINTYS tokens our users will know exactly how much each transaction will cost. In additional to all of this, by staking $MINTYS as a part of our BSC and MATIC exchanges you can potentially earn even more $MINTYS as a reward.