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Mintys Staking

Make more Minty magic with Minty Staking. Our staking system offers a simple way to get your return on investment by providing our Minty Network with the liquidity it needs to run. By staking your own Minty tokens for one whole year you can earn a consistent return of even more Minty tokens through our smart contract system. All of this means that you can earn more Mintys without ever having to lift a finger.

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Earn Passive Income with any Crypto Wallet on Mintys | MintySwap

Works with any coin wallet

-- MINTYS to stake

Consistent Returns with Minty Staking | MintySwaps

Earn a fixed percentage every year -- APR

Minty Crypto Token Staking | MintySwap

The more Mintys you stake the more you earn
-- MINTYS staked

Stake Mintys Swaps to access the most
comprehensive MultiChains Ecosystem

By staking your Mintys as liquidity for a year you get to be apart of one of the freshest cross chain finance systems in the game.