Fight your opponent in 5V5 FPS style PVP for real digital currencies.

A multiplayer first person hack and slash that rewards its players that enables you to gain collectible NFT’s through playing the game. Fight across an exciting range of different game modes and awesome crypto themed maps as you pit yourself against other players or against AI in our Blockchain Glitch mode.


Build up your arsenal of $MINTYS! Every in-game completion of objective gains you digital currencies that can be added straight to your Minty Swap wallet. Track your stats across the game and even team up with groups of your friends to compete in tournaments against other players for a chance at winning NFT’s or $MINTYS tokens.

Save The Blockchain!

In the Blockchain Glitch mode you must rally your forces to survive against wave after wave of blockchain glitches in order to top the leaderboards with the highest score! At the end of every month the highest-scoring players will earn keys to NFT crates where they can gain exclusive NFT rewards.

Master Ranked To Win $MINTYS

In our Ranked game mode, you have the chance to test yourself against other players in a quest to become the best in the world. Fight your way up through the ranks from Peasant to the ultimate rank of Minted. Ranked mode offers multiple ways to gain rewards through the $MINTYS that are staked in every Ranked game and for higher-ranked players, the chance to unlock exclusive keys for NFT chests.


No matter what mode you play there are always more Minted NFT’s to be collected. There are dozens of amazing NFT’s available to be purchased from weapon and player skins to emotes and even pets! We’re constantly looking to add more awesome designs so keep an eye out to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest releases.

Find Out More About Mintonia NFTs

Legends of Mintonia is our brand new MMORPG game that allows you to earn Minty tokens for completing in-game quests and raids. Form clans with your friends as you battle across Mintonia to try and protect it from the evil Glitches that are destroying Mintonia all while earning Minty tokens.

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